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  Cataplanas altogether a healthier way to cook.

Instructions for Use

Important Read before Using Cataplana

This copperware product is treated in the factory with a special protective coating of lacquer to prevent it tarnishing.

If you want to use this item as decoration you can leave this coating of lacquer as protection and an occasional wipe with a cotton cloth or duster will maintain its shine.

However if you intend to use this cataplana as a cooking utensil every piece which comes into contact with heat will need to have the lacquer removed.

To do this add soda crystals to boiling water and immerse each half of the cataplana into this water and leave for about 15 minutes. The lacquer should peel off.

Should the lacquer prove stubborn it can be removed with acetone (nail varnish remover).

Another method to remove the lacquer is by using cellulose thinners but only on the copper finish.

Please remember that it is essential that all the lacquer is removed prior to use and also to wash the cataplana thoroughly after this treatment.

Attention to keep the cataplana looking clean after use, a good quality non abrasive copper polish will restore its shine. Do not use abrasive cleaners as these can scratch the protective coating and damage the copper itself.

Cooking Instructions

•  Never place the cataplana on a flame or in the oven without either some liquid or oil inside to prevent it from burning.

•  Do not use excessive heat as copper conducts heat well.

•  Avoid using metal tools for stirring instead use a wooden or plastic spoon

•  Almost anything can be cooked in a cataplana, including chicken, meat, fish and vegetables as well seasoned with herbs and we have given a few thoughts and ideas that can be found on the recipes page

A word of caution: be careful when opening the cataplana pan after cooking because it will be full of very hot steam and there may be a risk of scalding.


A full range of Cataplanas and accessories can be found on the products section of the website and a list of recipes can be found on the recipes page


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